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Since 2016, our office has been helping children, families, and adults of the Lehigh Valley achieve better mental well-being.  Our warm and welcoming office creates an environment to help you and your family feel at ease.  Through the use of evidence-based approaches to therapy, we are able to provide our clients skills to improve the issues that are interfering in their lives.  Please read below about the services we offer or call and speak with our staff to see if we are a good fit for the challenges you are experiencing.

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Sometimes the smallest members of the family have the largest impact.  When their behavior changes suddenly and things don't return to normal, it can be time to look for some professional help.  Through a variety of age appropriate activities and conversations, we work to teach your child the skills they need to understand and cope with the challenges that are experiencing.

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Whether you are experiencing a recent change in your life or have issues that you need continual support with, we work with many individuals that need professional assistance to work on skills to help them cope.  Please look at the profiles of our clinicians to see each one's area of experience and who may feel like a good fit for you.

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Whether you are looking to add additional support to your own ongoing therapy or learn how to better support the children in your life, we may be able to help.

We are looking to start groups focused on:

Peer Support Group for Teen Girls (Dealing with the pressures of being a teen girl in a world of social media and other struggles)

Peer Support Group for Young Adults (Focused on college application process, transitioning to adulthood)

Group for Parents of Teens (navigating social media, knowing how to set boundaries, support)

Stress Management and Mindfulness for Adults

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Amy Saborsky, Psy.D |  Licensed Psychologist | Practice Director

Karen Paxinos, Psy.D |  Licensed Psychologist

Ashley Stanton, Psy.D | Post Doctoral Resident

Danielle Nase, M.S. | Licensed Professional Counselor

Jennifer Searing, M.A. | Licensed Professional Counselor

Michael Stolarik, M.S. Ed. | Licensed Professional Counselor

Anna Baltz, M.A. | Therapist

Taryn Tross, M.A. | Therapist

Angie Morales, B.S. | Intake Coordinator

Hannah Ott, B.S. | Intake Coordinator

Riley Feinour | Front Desk Coordinator

Jesse Saborsky, MBA | Business Officer

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1005 Brookside Rd, Suite 105, Allentown, PA 18106, USA

phone: (484) 268-2399

fax: (484) 268-2325

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